Looking back into HFNL History

Looking back into HFNL History

22nd April 2021

This week we continue our timeline that covers the development of the Hampden Football Netball League from 1930 to our current situation in 2021. Part 1 in Round 1 covered the formation of the League in 1930, Part 2 last week looked at the timeline of development from 1930 up until 1980 and this week, Part 3, will cover from 1980 up until the present day.

Hope you enjoy the trek down memory lane.

1985     The Club Delegate system of running and co-ordinating League affairs is replaced by an Independent Executive.

1986     Colac-Coragulac drop Coragulac from their name and compete as Colac.

1987     Netball was introduced into the HFL after a few “friendly” games the previous year.

1989     Reserves Grade Netball was introduced. It later became A Reserve and in 2007 became known as A1.

1992     Our first junior grade of Netball, 17 and Under is introduced.

1996     15 and Under Junior Netball joins the growing list of Netball grades.

1997     Northern Districts become North Warrnambool and join the Hampden League, eliminating the bye as the League’s 10th team.

1997     The ever growing popularity and importance of Netball sees the League formally change its name to the Hampden Football Netball League.

1999     Mortlake merges with neighbouring Derrinallum to become the Western Lions.

2000     15 and Under Reserve Grade Netball is played for first time.

2000     Western Lions go into recess after Round 1, reducing the HFNL to 9 teams again.

2000     North Warrnambool change their official name to become known as North Warrnambool Eagles at the end of the season in readiness for season 2001

2001     Club numbers are reduced to 8 when Colac is cleared to the Geelong Football League.

2002     Terang Mortlake is formed out of a union between Terang Football Netball Club and the Mortlake Community.

2002     B Grade Netball is introduced. It later became known as A2 in 2007.

2005     Camperdown and District Junior League and the Warrnambool Juniors merge to form the Hampden Junior Football League bringing new clubs Emmanuel Hawks and Colac Juniors to our fixtures. Incidentally current Western Bulldog’s player Easton Wood, of Camperdown, wins the inaugural HFNL Junior U16 Best and Fairest.

2007     15 and Under Reserve Grade Netball ceases at end of 2006 and 13 and Under is introduced in 2007.

2009     Our Netball continues to grow with the introduction of Sunday competitions at 15 and Under & 12 and Under levels. The 15 and Under changes to 14 and Under for season 2010 and beyond.

2011     The Hampden League Juniors formally falls under the HFNL umbrella.

2013     After an extensive VCFL review Portland Tigers and the Hamilton Kangaroos (formed by a merger between former Western Border League Clubs Hamilton Imperials and Hamilton) compete in our great Football Netball League for the first time taking us back to a 10 team competition.

2013     16 and Under Netball is added to the Sunday schedule of games.

2016     Then netball fraternity changed the names of the senior netball grades to Open, Division 1, Division 2 and introduced a third senior age competition known as Division 3.

2017     After some ‘friendly” matches in previous years female participation took a further step with the introduction of Female Junior footy. The likes of South Warrnambool, Hamilton Kangaroos, Portland, Horsham, Cobden, Timboon, and Old Collegians fielded teams in a Western Region competition.

2019     Senior womens football kicked off after the growth and success os junior female footy.

2021     The Sunday junior netball grades are again reconfigured to better suit the development and progress of our up and coming talent and the grades are now known as 15 and Under Reserves, 13 and Under Reserves and Development.

2021     Technology and progress continue in 2020. The long standing printed Hampden Record has been replaced by this high class electronic medium that can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smart phone. The trusty broadcast of the ‘Match of the Day’ on Ace Radio 3YB has come a long way since the John Holland and Lindsay Hill days of the late 70’s and ‘80’s and is now complimented with a live stream that allows you to tune in and watch the game from anywhere in the world.

As you can see from humble beginnings in 1930 when 4 clubs broke away to form the HFL our League has continually changed with the times. May our great League continue to prosper, may we all be open to change for the betterment of our competition and may we all continue to enjoy the camaraderie and sportsmanship that our forefathers established all those years ago.

Camperdown FNC Netball Team – 1987 Grand Final

These articles are researched, compiled and written by Peter Conheady.

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