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The club’s current colours yellow and black were first used in 1902 and again in 1909, but changed in 1919. The distinctive black with gold sash came into being in 1930. Other colours used have been blue with red socks (1981); blue with a blue and white cap, blue stockings (1883); blue singlets and knicks, red hose and caps (1888); navy blue knicks, cardinal guernsey and stockings (1893); cardinal and blue (1894); blue and white with red hose (1896); navy with a gold band (1919); maroon (1920 and 1928); maroon with white knicks (1921); black and white (Magpies 1922); and two blues (1925).

Hanlon Park became Portland’s home ground in 1923 and has remained as such, except for 1961 when Henty Park was used while Hanlon Park was top dressed. Before 1923, football was played from 1866 on the cricket ground the North Cliff.

The Wester Border Football League (an amalgamation of the Western District Football League and the South Eastern Border Football League was formed in 1964.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Club held on February 16th, 1994, the name of the club was changed to the portland Football-Netball Club and became incorporated under that name on March 29th, 1994.

Subsequent to this, the name of the Club changed to its present title, namely the Portland Football Netball Cricket Club at a Special General Meeting on March 9th 2006.

Senior League Premierships won by Portland are 1906/ 07 ( Pill Trophy?); 1909 ( Portland Football Association-Gold Medal? ); 1909 ( South Western District Football League ); 1912 ( Portland Football Association ); 1914, 1922 and 1924( South West District Football Association ); 1929( Glenelg Football Association );1952 and 1956 ( Western District Football League ); 1966,1985/86,1991,2003,2006/07/08( Western Border Football League ).

The Club was Runner-up in 1907,1910,1913,1920,1936,1949,1951,1960,1962,1967,1968,1989 and 2001.

Since the formation of the Western Border League in 1964, the Club has won Reserve Premierships in 1965/66,1968,1970,1982,1995,2001 and 2003.

Since the Under 18 Competition began in 1974, the Club has won Premierships in 1982/83,1986/87/88,1991,1999, 2005 and 2010.

After months of deliberation, the club opted to join the Hampden Football Netball League ( HFNL ) for the commencement of season 2013. In the inaugural season the Seniors finished in 6th position, the Reserves suffered defeat in the Elimination Final and the Under 18.5’s were defeated in the Grand Final by Terang Mortlake.

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