WDFUA Update

WDFUA Update

29th April 2021

Afternoon all and welcome to another weekend of footy & netball

Who knows what weather we will be served up this weekend for our sport, but pleasingly we are at least able to continue to be active and enjoy competitive sport on weekends. We certainly have “enjoyed” the full spectrum of what the Western Districts can serve up, from 30 degrees (and worrying about getting sunburnt) to rain and wind (and wondering why we are out in this sort of weather – we all must love our sport)

Can we as an association please take the chance to thank those who have seen our advertising, as well as the articles in the various papers, footy records and commentary on the radio in relation to our shortage of numbers. While the problem has not been solved (Yes, we are still very keen to see new members still coming along as it is never too late to join) we are grateful to the new members who have since joined our umpiring ranks. To have the increase in boundary numbers over the last couple of weeks has been great. If we are able to encourage even more to come along, try and continue with boundary (or even field or goal umpiring), who knows, we may then be in a position whereby we will be able to appoint sufficient numbers to all senior footy. This would be a fantastic outcome for our association, however we are in no way there yet, so please if you are thinking about becoming an umpire (or even just want to come along and see if it is for you), we train on a Monday and Wednesday night (Mack Oval from 6pm). We also have BUMP training on a Wednesday night (5pm) which we direct primarily towards our newer boundary umpires.

Who knows, you may just enjoy it and along the way get fit and makes some money doing so.

Thanks again to all those who have been supportive of our association in 2021 (sponsors, members and family members who support our junior and senior umpire’s week in week out).

Have a great weekend and remember, every umpire goes out to do their best in the game (no different than any football or netball player) and just like these players, encouragement is a better motivator than continued abuse. We will make mistakes just like the players.


Steve Walker

President – WDFUA

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