Warrnambool & District Football Umpires Association

Warrnambool & District Football Umpires Association

15th April 2021

On behalf of the Warrnambool & District Football Umpires Association (WDFUA) welcome back to footy & netball for all umpires, players and spectators and let’s hope that we see a full season in 2021.

Missing 2020 was certainly an eye opener for all concerned, but that’s enough of dwelling in the past and let’s look forward to what 2021 brings

In terms of the WDFUA, there have been changes over the last 18 months. 

Our coaching panel (which was appointed for season 2020) will continue for season 2021. By way of introduction, we have appointed the following personnel to the following roles:

Director of Umpiring and Field Umpire Coach – Nicole Downie

Boundary Umpiring Coach – Nathan Hoy

Nicole & Nathan bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the roles and we wish them all the best in 2021. 

Our committee has seen some changes, but we will provide details another time.

Our major sponsors who have already signed on in 2021 are, South West Credit Union, R & M Securities, Midfield Group and Falcon Traffic. 

We welcome Falcon as a new sponsor to the WDFUA. To South West Credit Union, Midfield and R & M Securities, thank you for continuing to support our association. Your commitment is greatly appreciated and goes a long way to ensuring that the WDFUA is able to continue in 2021.

In terms of on field, we just want to let people know the new AFL rules introduced this season will also be part of Senior footy in season 2021 for the HFNL. We would ask that players and spectators are understanding towards umpires as we implement the new rules that form part of our game. Whilst they can sometimes be interesting to adjudicate it does form part of the fabric that makes our game what it is.

Our umpiring numbers remain a concern as we start the season. With no umpiring in 2020 this has resulted in a decrease in numbers across all disciplines (field, boundary and goal). This is already having an impact with the majority of Under 18 games in the HFNL being umpired by club umpires. Without any increase in umpiring numbers this will continue to be the case throughout 2021. If you are interested in umpiring, please don’t hesitate to contact the WDFUA

The WDFUA wishes all our umpires officiating in season 2021 all the best.  

Finally, we want to take this opportunity to wish Gary, the Executive and all clubs in the HFNL all the best. 

Enjoy the weekend


Steve Walker

President – WDFUA

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