The Players Perspective

The Players Perspective

7th April 2021

Before I get into the formalities of introducing my column for season 2021, I thought it might be best to give everyone involved with the Hampden league a rundown on how I came to be a columnist this year.

First and foremost, I am a sport journalist based in Camperdown for Western District Newpapers, where I am responsible for the publication of sporting content for the Camperdown Chronicle, Cobden-Timboon Coast Times, Mortlake Dispatch and Terang Express.

I have been in this role for nearly four years which is partly responsible for me getting a gig writing for the league this season – I have to thank Peter Conheady for suggesting the opportunity and Peter Headen for the vote of confidence in allowing me to do this role and giving me the freedom to write a weekly piece on topics of my choosing.

They both, along with myself, thought a player’s view on the footy and the league this season would enhance the offerings becoming available to followers of the HFNL, some of which are going to progress the league immensely which is quite exciting.

I won’t delve into anything too great first up other than to just briefly touch on round one.

The countdown to the opening games of the season is almost well and truly done now and excitement across the district is fever pitch that competitive football and netball is finally back.

From a player’s point of view, the last 12 months have been like never before. Having no footy through winter has been challenging for many and refreshing for some. A number missed their weekly football and netball outings, while others preferred the freedom of having the weekend to do as they please albeit in a limited sense.

I for one enjoyed the freedom of weekends, but having done that for an entire football season I’m not too sure how much more I could have taken of it. If anything, the thing I missed most about no footy was the lack of weekly routine it provides – from recovery to trainings to dinners to social outings with your friends and family.

With that in mind, let’s hope for everyone’s sake we get a full season away this year – having experienced it with cricket this year it may not necessarily work out perfectly but if we all work collectively for the greater good of the league, then anything and everything is possible.

Good luck to everyone involved at club land this year, may you all have success in all the games you do not play Camperdown!

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