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Netball Rule of the Week: Playing the Ball & Replay


Next up in our Netball Rule of the Week Series, we have ‘Playing the Ball’, including some information about when replay should be called. World Netball has produced an excellent graphic to assist with everyone’s understanding. These have been included below.

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 9


The Hampden Football Netball League were a dominant force at the Western Zone Association Championships last weekend in Ballarat.

The League took five teams to the tournament and all teams made it through to the Grand Final, with the U13 Reserves, U13 Championship and U15 Championship teams winning their division. The U15 Reserves and U17 Championship teams narrowly missed out on the silverware in tight Grand Finals. The next stage of the tournament is the State Finals in Melbourne on June 16th. We will have all four championships teams competing – Open, U17, U15 and U13. The League is extremely excited about each team’s prospects, with each team training hard into the lead up. A big thank-you to all of the coaches – Will Jamison, Danielle McInerney, Dot Jenkins, Stacey O’Sullivan, Leah Kermeen, Josie Ellerton, Nat O’Dea, Kate Dobson and Lianna Harrison. The time and energy put into these programs has been enormous and we are very grateful to have great netball leaders.

As the halfway mark of the season approaches, the competition in the Open Netball continues to provide great interest and intrigue. South Warrnambool are leading the way on top of the ladder, while Cobden and Koroit are close behind. The great interest is the 4th to 7th place positions on the ladder with only one game separating the teams. The next month of netball will maybe provide greater clarity of what the end of the season might look like or it may remain the same, hopefully the latter, as we want it as tight as can be leading into finals.

Round 9

Warrnambool vs Hamilton (Reid Oval)

Cobden vs Terang Mortlake (Cobden Rec Reserve)

Portland vs South Warrnambool (Hanlon Park)

Port Fairy vs Koroit (Gardens Oval)

North Warrnambool vs Camperdown (Victoria Park)

See you at the Netball


HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 8


A couple of surprise results for me in Round 7

The young Camperdown side upset the ladder leaders with a hard fought 2 goal win. I have looked back over the results of the Camperdown games so far this season and I think if the Pies turn some of the loss they had in the early games to wins in the second round it does beg the question can the Magpies make the five in 2024?  The Camperdown side had a ripper of a 3rd quarter getting out to an eleven-goal lead after the game was even at the main break. As expected, South came out firing in the final term but playing catch up was tough and Camperdown held their nerve to win. South a little undermanned, however congratulations to Camperdown for downing the ladder leaders. 

Warrnambool had a strong win against the inform Eagles, forcing their way into the top five on percentage. The Blues’ Bel Baker & Eva Ryan combining well in the Goal circle, the reliable Amy Wormald standing up down back and Carly Peake lively through the mid court was enough to cause North’s downfall. North Warrnambool a little undermanned, A valuable win for the Blues.

The Bombers have really found form over the last few weeks and had a strong win over the Tigers.

Koroit hit their straps with a strong win over the Bloods. The scores indicate nothing in the match until half time with the saints pulling away strongly in the second half. Nell Mitchell & Indi O’Connor shooting well for the winners.

Port Fairy started well against the Hamilton Kangaroos and continued to outscore the opposition in each quarter. Jessika Tobin Salzman putting 48 goals on the board.

Round 8

Warrnambool take on Terang/Mortlake at the Reid, and for the winner a place in the five. Warrnambool’s confidence will be up after the strong win last week and the Bloods will be determined after last weeks’  loss. Warrnambool by a couple.

The Rooster will take on Port Fairy at home. South to come out fired up after the result last week and will defeat the Seagulls by a solid margin.

Camperdown take on the Portland Tigers at Leura Oval. Can the Pies continue their good form from last week? As I have said before, the Portland Tigers are playing strong netball but not for the full four quarters. Camperdown’s strong form will continue this week.

Koroit meet Hamilton, I have not seen either of these teams in the last couple of weeks so just on form alone Koroit to win comfortably.

North Warrnambool travel to the Cobden Community Bank Recreation Reserve to take on the Bombers. I believe the winner of this match will hold second place and the vanquished team will drop to fourth on the ladder, by the end of the day.  Both coaches know the importance of this win and that it will set their teams up moving towards the second round. North Warrnambool in a tight tussle.

All the Best to the Junior Hampden sides playing at the association championship in Ballarat this Sunday. Many thanks Warrnambool Toyota for their Support for the Hampden Junior Association teams.  If all goes well we will have our junior sides joining the Open side representing the Bottle Greens on finals day in Melbourne.

Go Hampden

Netball Rule of the Week


Stoppage for an Injury/Illness of a player of Blood

The Umpires hold time for injury/illness following a verifiable request by an on-court player or without a request in the event there is an obvious and/or serious injury.  A Primary Carer may request the umpires to hold time to facilitate a substitution of any on court player due to suspected concussion.  The Umpires hold time if they notice any player who has an open wound or who is actively bleeding (including blood-stained clothing).

In all circumstances above, the player concerned must leave the court within 30 seconds and receive any treatment off the court.  The timekeepers advise the umpires when 10 seconds remain.

Only Primary Carers are permitted on court to assess a player’s medical condition.  They may ask for extra assistance if required.

The Umpire may call Umpires Time if the player concerned cannot be removed from the court safely within 30 seconds.  The scorer’s bench must be notified of umpires time.  Umpires may also authorise other persons to assist the player to leave the court.

Any other player with blood on their body or clothing who is not actively bleeding may leave the field of play to have this cleaned within the time allowed for the stoppage by the Umpires without the need to be substituted.  However, any clothing that becomes blood-stained must be replaced within the time allowed for the stoppage by the umpires and this may occur away from the playing enclosure.  If there is blood on the ball it should be swapped and any blood on the court must be cleaned before play restarts.

During the stoppage both teams may make substitutions and/or team changes, provided these are completed within the time allowed for the stoppage by the umpires.  In no substitution is made for the injured/ill player, or for a player who has an open wound or who is actively bleeding (including blood stained clothing), play may resume with the position left vacant.  If the player is the Centre and no substitution is made, one player must move to play as Centre to allow the match to continue.

If the position has been left vacant and play has resumed any player can be substituted using the Rolling Substitution Rule.

Stoppage for Emergencies

The Umpires may hold time or extend an interval in the event of the serious injury/illness of a player, injury/illness of a match official or technical official, an issue with the court, goalposts or ball, the weather or technical equipment or in other extreme circumstances.

The umpire, in conjunction with the Court Supervisor decide the length of such a stoppage and ensure play restarts as soon as possible.

If required, the Court Supervisor, in conjunction with the Umpires, may abandon a match if the safety of players and/or officials is considered to be at risk.

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 7


News from round Six.

Injuries: Unfortunately, a number of significant injuries in round six of Hampden Netball.

Isabel Rae from South Warrnambool has a broken bone in her arm, a four-to-six-week layoff. It will be interesting to see how Will Jamieson uses the different combinations available and South’s adaptability to the same. I will watch with inquisitiveness.

Adding to Koroit’s injury woes Ashley Evans, had a heavy fall and Molly McKinnon, ruptured her ACL, in the game against North Warrnambool. Molly ‘s injury will be a twelve-month recovery time. The growing list of injuries will put Danielle McInerney’s netball brain to the test, and again I will watch to see what Danielle & Koroit produce. Koroit had a little good news this week with Scarlett O’Donnell and Molly McLaren’s injuries not as bad as first thought.

Goalies doing the job.

I could not help but notice a number of shooters putting big numbers on the scorecard in round six. A round of applause to the following players. I’m hoping I have not missed anyone who scored above thirty goals in round six. 

 Eva Ryan, Warrnambool 58, Skye Billings, North Warrnambool 41, Jessika Tobin Salzman Port Fairy 36, Piper Stevens, Camperdown 35, Nell Mitchell, Koroit 34, Shakira Stuchbery, Portland 33 and Eboni Knight, Terang/Mortlake 32.

The Cobden vs South Warrnambool game was a real cracker, South by seven goals in an intense contest. Exactly what we have come to expect over the last few years when these two teams face off. From what I have heard Cobden are starting to jell with their depth of young talent and the experienced players becoming a formidable combination.

Round Seven Contests

Camperdown vs South Warrnambool.

I believe the ladder leaders (South Warrnambool) will be too strong for the up-and-coming Camperdown team, a test for the Emily Stephens coach side.

Terang/Mortlake take on Koroit at Ridley Recreation Reserve, Terang/ Mortlake and Koroit are on the same number of points sitting fourth and fifth on the ladder, tough for me to pick but I have gone with Koroit by a whisker.

Cobden travel to Hanlon Park, the home of the Portland Tigers, Cobden will continue with their good form from last week and bring home the four points.

Warrnambool take on North Warrnambool at Bushfield. Do not be surprised if this becomes a real shoot out. With both teams attacking line up in fine form. A respected coach said to me this week that sometimes the easiest way to get an inception is to let the opposition get the goal and start again. I believe this may be the case in this contest. Warrnambool need the win to stay in touch with the top five unfortunately for them I think the Eagles by a small margin.

Hamilton vs Port Fairy at the Gardens Oval on Sunday May 26th this match will complete round Seven of Open Hampden Netball.

Hamilton has had a couple of injury concerns most weeks in 2024 thus at this stage are not as well-balanced as they will become later in the season. Port Fairy under the guidance of Lisa Arundell will collect the points this week. 

Thanks to our Interleague Coaches and Players:

The league recognises the commitment of the Coaches, and the players for their continuous work whilst they prepare for the Association championship. Not long now until the regional part of the competition. It would be remiss not to thank the parents as they transport the junior players to training. Fingers crossed Hampden gets our juniors teams through to Melbourne to join the Will Jamieson coached open side on the 16th of June for Finals Day.

Junior Coaches are:

Under 13 Reserves:         Nat O’Dea

Under 13                          Kate Dobson & Lianne Harrison

Under 15 Reserves:         Stacey O’Sullivan

Under 15                          Leah Kermeen & Josie Ellerton

Under 17                          Danielle McInerney

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 6


Plenty to see on the courts in round Six of the Open netball Competition.

A real test for the Cobden side against the all-conquering South Warrnambool lineup, a good test for the Sophie Hinkley coached side who will come out firing however for my money South comfortably.

An interesting match at Victoria Park an inform North Warrnambool take on the injury/unavailable laden Koroit. North Warrnambool’s attacking game will be too strong for Koroit at this stage of the season.

Warrnambool are starting to work the combinations and will out play the Portland Tigers, however having watch the tigers in a couple of games I may well have to eat my words.

Camperdown have been slow to start in a couple of games giving their opposition a head start. Camperdown will need to start well to get on top of the attacking Port Fairy side. Camperdown in a tight contest. An interesting note is Port Fairy have the leading Goal scores in both Open (Jessika Tobin Salzman 172) and Division one (Aylish Tobin Salzman 168) competition after 5 rounds.

Terang Mortlake take on the Hamilton Kangaroos at the new courts at Hawkesdale.  This match should be interesting contest. Terang/Mortlake will get the  points and stay in the top five. The new courts at the DC Farran oval are impressive. Congratulations to the Management Committees of both the DC Farran Oval and the Hawkesdale/Macarthur Football Netball club on the new Netball Courts.

Hats off to Melanie Van Den Eynde on playing her 100 games of Division 2 Netball for Camperdown Magpies. Mel commenced her netball with the Magpies under fifteen reserves team in 2002 and played her first Senior grade game B Grade/Division 2 game in 2006. Mel has played 245 games of netball for Camperdown she has also coach the Division 3 side for 4 years (interrupted by Covid).

Melanie comes from a family of contributors for the Magpies. The Van Den Eynde family have been active at the Pies for many years. Congratulations Melanie Van Den Eynde.

 The Hampden Football Netball league is proud to announce the Association Championship teams for 2024. The league will be taking five underage teams to the Western Zone championships in Ballarat on Sunday June 2nd, they include teams in the Under 13, Under 13 Reserves, Under 15, Under 15 Reserves and the Under 17 Competitions. The open team have automatically qualified for the Finals Day in Melbourne which will be staged on the 16th of June.

Under 13 Championship                                            Under 13 Reserve

Chloe Kermeen (SW)                                                    Elsie Brown (Ham)

Molly McNeil (SW)                                                        Ava Kinnealy (Ham)

Lily Harris (SW)                                                              Esther Gleeson (Kor)

Lexi Thomas (Ham)                                                       Vivienne Smedts (Kor)

Leni Robertson (Ham)                                                  Athena Chivell (Cob)

Madison Lucas (Camp)                                                 Taylor Cameron (Camp)

Olive Wills (Camp)                                                         Isabel Divall (SW)

Ellie Dobson (Kor)                                                          Sibella Evans (SW)

Ava Gleeson (Kor)                                                          Lottie Wilkinson (SW)

Grace Piergrosse (Portland)                                        Ayda Wiseman (Portland)

Sophie Brown (W’bool)

Under 15 Championship                                            Under 15 Reserves

Addison Conheady (NW)                                             Charlotte Hinds (Camp)

Chloe Gleeson (Kor)                                                      Charlotte Smedts (Kor)

Indi O’Connor (Kor)                                                       Edie Batt (Kor)

Lyla Grundy (TM)                                                           Kiara Love (Camp)

Maddox Ryan (Ham)                                                     Maddie Clarke (TM)

Maya Rhodes (SW)                                                       Mckenzie Dillon (TM)

Piper Stephens (Camp)                                                Molly Sevior (Ham)

Pippa Barr (TM)                                                             Poppy Monk (Kor)           

Rosie Bowman (Kor)                                                     Rushleigh Jefferies (W)

Ruby McKinley (SW)                                                     Stella Marris (SW)

Saskia Gould (Ham)                                                      Zeta Kane (SW)

Saylah  Veale (SW)                                                        Zoe Dobson (Kor)

Under 17 Championship                                            Open Team

Molly NcLaren (Kor)                                                      Emma Buwalda (SW)

Nikki Clover (Cob)                                                          Meg Carlin (SW)

Lara Clarke (TM)                                                            Lily Eldridge (Camp)

Indiana Cameron (Camp)                                            Millie Jennings (Kor)

Elsie Sinnott (Camp)                                                     Meg Kelson (SW)

Isabella McDowall (NW)                                              Eva Ryan (W’Bool)

Kimora Callaway (SW)                                                  Ally O’Connor (SW)         

Kyla Groves (W’Bool)                                                    Grace Taylor (Cob)

Hannah O’Keefe (Kor)                                                  Gen O’Connor (SW)

Lucy McLaren (Kor)                                                       Isabella Rea (SW)

Shelby O’Sullivan (Kor)                                                 Ella Savior (Ham)

Matilda Darcy (Cob)                                                      Carly Watson (SW)                                        

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 5


The next block of matches will commence in the Hampden Football Netball League this weekend, after a bye last round to refresh everyone on the netball court. It will be a big couple of weeks coming up, not only in the Hampden League comp, but also our quest to win through to the Melbourne Association Championships Finals. The quality of netball across all senior grades and junior grades has been impressive during the first four rounds.

Roosters Blistering Start

South Warrnambool are chasing their third straight Open Division Netball Title in 2024. The Roosters have started the new season in strong fashion, remaining undefeated after the first month, whilst the data fully supports their offensive and defensive dominance. The League Leaders have scored the most goals in the first month, averaging 63 goals per game. The addition of Emma Buwalda has been a huge plus, she is building nice synergy with Meg Carlin and Hollie Phillips. Whilst the offensive numbers are outstanding for the Roosters, their defensive end is dominating the competition too. Opposition teams are struggling to break-through South Warrnambool’s defensive end, scoring an average of 30 goals per game. A pretty hard task to get the better of Carly Watson, Ally Melblom and team.

South Warrnambool are looking very sound for a third consecutive piece of silverware in September. 

Association Championships

The 2024 Association Championships will be officially announced early next week. The final trial session will be staged tonight, then coaches and selectors will choose their final squads for the first leg of the championships in Ballarat. The HFNL will take an U17 team to be led by Danielle McInerney, two U15 teams and two U13 teams to Ballarat on June 2nd. The Open Division team automatically qualified for the Melbourne Finals Day, with coach Will Jamison busy organising his squad for the June 16th contest. The response from the HFNL community has been overwhelming in regards to the trials, with more than 150 junior players showcasing their interest. An exciting month is coming ahead. 

Umpire Development

A big shout out to HFNL Umpire coordinator Josie Logan for her work organising some upcoming workshops to better develop and up-skill our umpires. There has been significant change in the off-season with rule changes and our senior/junior crop of umpires are withstanding the challenges and performing well on the court. The HFNL over the next few weeks will have mentor umpires work with our emerging netball umpires.

Leading Goal Shooters


1. Skye Billings (NWE) – 136 goals

2. Jessika Tobin-Salzman – 133 goals

3. Lily Eldridge (Camp) – 112 goals

4. Eboni Knights (TM) – 110 goals

5. Amy Wormald (W) – 110 goals


1. Piper Stephens (Camp) – 127 goals

2. Amelia Harris (SW) – 90 goals

3. Lara Clarke (TM) – 90 goals

4. Olivia Lenehan (NWE) – 89 goals

5. Emily Hickey (Cob) – 70 goals

Round 5 Matches

Camperdown vs Cobden (Leura Oval)

Hamilton Kangaroos vs North Warrnambool (Hawkesdale)

South Warrnambool vs Warrnambool (Friendlies Society Park)

Terang Mortlake vs Port Fairy (Mortlake)

Koroit vs Portland (Victoria Park)

See you at the Netball Court

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 4


The Portland Tigers registered their first win of the season, with a seven goal win in the ANZAC Day clash with Hamilton Kangaroos.

The Tigers under new coach Laura Kelly have been close in the early rounds, but were able to hold off their traditional rivals from start to finish. Tigers defender Ruby Bowers was awarded the Best on Court Medal.

Portland already have shown great improvement from their 2023 campaign, and there is a real buzz at Tigerland, and a true self belief on what can be achieved in 2024.

Blain Big Milestone

Popular Cobden midcourter Alicia Blain will hit the court for the 150th time this weekend in the Open Division.

The hard-working Bomber made her senior debut as a 15 year old in 2012, and has been a regular fixture in the Red and Black for a number of season’s.

Admired for her determination and leadership on the court, Alicia whilst having a key playing role in 2024, also has a big mentoring role within the team for the next generation of Bombers netballers coming through.

An amazing achievement and one the entire Cobden faithful will celebrate and acknowledge strongly this weekend.

Ryan Green and Gold

The Eva Ryan story has added another chapter this week, with the Warrnambool Blue rewarded with Australian U17 training squad honours .

The key goaler, who played in defence at the National Champs, will head to the AIS for a training camp in July.

It will be interesting to see how Blues coach Kate Lindsey uses Eva in the coming weeks, as she is valuable goal-shooter but played in defence for Victoria.

Nevertheless, an amazing piece of recognition for a young star who will in my mind play a very high level of netball in the coming year’s.

Goal- Shooting Leaders

  1. Amy Wormald (W) – 108
  2. Jessica Tobin Salzman (PF) – 104
  3. Molly McLaren (K) – 97
  4. Meg Carlin (SW) – 92
  5. Skye Billing’s (NW) – 91

Round 4 Matches

Warrnambool vs Camperdown (Reid Oval)

North Warrnambool vs Terang Mortlake (Bushfield Oval)

Port Fairy vs Cobden (Gardens Oval)

See you at the Netball.

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 3


The second round of the Hampden Football Netball League Open Division was full of high scoring. Reigning premiers South Warrnambool and Warrnambool led the way, both scoring in the 70’s. Blues gun Amy Wormald had an amazing day at the office, scoring 63 goals. No doubt Amy would have rested easy on Saturday after a performance like that. Hollie Phillips and Lily Eldridge also scored prominently for their respective teams, there is no shortage of quality shooting in the HFNL.

Warrnambool young gun Eva Ryan will return to club land this weekend after finishing representative duties with Victoria. The goalie was a part of the U17 team that won a bronze medal at the National Championships. Eva stated on the Netball Show this week is was a great experience. The Blues young gun played in defence for most of the tournament, adding another layer to her game.

Next weekend will be the first trial for players to make the Association Championship HFNL teams. A whopping 130 players have expressed interest in playing for the Bottle Greens at the Western Zone Championships in the U13, U15 and U17 divisions. The coaches are looking forward to seeing everyone take part and hopefully some great competitive squads are produced. We are blessed with junior talent in the HFNL, and we wish everyone all the best.

Round 3 Matches

Cobden vs Warrnambool 

Hamilton vs South Warrnambool

Portland vs Terang Mortlake

North Warrnambool vs Port Fairy

Camperdown vs Koroit

Another great weekend of Hampden League Netball coming up.

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 1


Welcome to the Opening Round for Season 2024 and as the HFNL prepare to kick off, the air is thick with anticipation.  After an offseason filled with significant changes to some team lists, teams are eager to showcase their strengths this weekend, setting the tone for a great season ahead.

The opening game, under lights at the Reid oval on Friday night, Koroit take on Warrnambool.  The Blues have recruited well and will be looking to improve on their results from 2023.  I think they will get an early win on the board.

South Warrnambool look to be a strong contender for their third consecutive Premiership with a dominating performance over the Saints on Good Friday.  North Warrnambool have gained the services of Boroondara Express recruit Chelsea Quinn and will be a welcome inclusion for the Eagles.  The Roosters will make it two from two but the Eagles will be eager to improve on their 6th placing in 2023.

Portland and Port Fairy will play their first round encounter at Hanlon Park.  The vibe from Tigerland is positive and upbeat and I think they can take the points over the seagulls.

In another twilight game for Opening Round, Terang and Camperdown will do battle at Leura Oval on Saturday evening.  With a good balance of experience and youth, the Magpies will be a stronger force this season and with some notable players missing from the Bloods list, could start their season with a narrow win over the Bloods.

In the last game of the round, Hamilton Kangaroos travel to Cobden.  The Bombers lineup will be very different to last year and I expect the Kangaroos to be a bit of a surprise packet.  This should be a great contest to open up the season and the depth through the Junior ranks from both Clubs will be a key factor to their success.   The Bombers with a narrow win for me.

All in all, the Opening weekend promises some thrilling clashes, with Coaches employing new tactics to outwit their opponents.  I anticipate the “Rolling Substitutions” rule will be well utilized early and I hope the fans will flock to the games over the weekend with perfect weather conditions predicted in all locations. 

Rules of the Week

Throw In – You no longer have to wait for all players to be on Court for the Throw In to be taken

Toss up Removal – Most umpires will be pleased to know the good old Toss Up is gone!!!

What Now?  If a simultaneous infringement occurs the Umpire3 awards possession to the team that was last in possession of the ball, where the ball was when play stopped.  Any player from that team may take the ball for the restart of play.  If it is in the goal circle the GS or GA may shoot for goal.

State Representative

Congratulations to Eva Ryan from the Warrnambool FNC who will represent Victoria in the 17/U State Team competing at the 2024 National Netball Championships in Frankston, Vic next week.  This is a fantastic achievement. Congratulations from everyone at the HFNL

Good Luck to all Teams competing in both Netball and Football 

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