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HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Fresha Finals Series, Week 3


Another big shout out to the Host Clubs for last week’s Semi Finals.  A very big thank you to the Terang Mortlake FNC and the Port Fairy FNC who hosted a fantastic weekend of Football and Netball especially after the horrendous weather conditions we all endured last Friday.  

A Cap of Last Week’s Games

South Warrnambool have secured their spot in next week’s Grand Final after a comfortable win over Cobden.  The Bomber’s were no match for the minor premiers with the Rooster’s winning almost every position on the court.  Ally O’Connor was outstanding through the centre and Hollie Phillips was hard to stop in the attacking circle.  Amy Hammond and Jaymie Finch combined well in attack but had limited opportunities to capitalise.  South Warrnambool went on to win by 24 goals.  

In the first Semi Final on Sunday, Warrnambool took on Koroit at Port Fairy.  With no more than five goals adrift for most of the game, the spectators were kept entertained.  Molly McKinnon,  shooting 25 of her team’s goals, played some of her best netball to give Koroit the edge and were able to gain a goal or three each quarter.  Amy Wormald played her 150th Open game for the Blue’s but it was not enough to spur her team to a spot in this week’s Preliminary Final.  The Saints were eventual winners 44 – 36.

Grand Finalists

There were some exciting games being played out in other grades and the following teams have made it straight through to the Grand Final

13/U – Hamilton Kangaroos 15/U – South Warrnambool

17/U – Koroit 17/UR – South Warrnambool

Div 3 – Hamilton Kangaroos Div 2 – Hamilton Kangaroos

Div 1 – Cobden

Preliminary Finals

Game times have been changed for this week’s Preliminary Finals.  Listed below is the schedule for this Saturday.  

9.00: 15/U Terang Mortlake V North Warrnambool 13/U: Koroit V South Warrmambool

10.00: 17/U Terang Mortlake V Warrnambool Div 2: Port Fairy V Koroit

11.15: Div 3 Port Fairy V Terang Mortlake 17/UR: Cobden V Warrnambool

1.45: Open Cobden V Koroit

My prediction for this Week

Cobden had the upper hand when they last took on the Saints.  Whilst I know anything can happen in finals, I anticipate the Bombers defence will be back on top this week and will be well supported with accurate shooting at the other end.  The Saints have a young developing team and will be all the more stronger next season but I think this will be a big ask of them this week..  Cobden should come away with a solid win and have another shot at a Premiership Title.  

In other Grades this week:-

13/U – Koroit V South Warrnambool – I think South Warrnambool will win in a close battle.

15/U – Terang Mortlake V North Warrnambool – Terang Mortlake risk going out in straight sets and North Warrnambool have been playing some of their best netball, I think Terang will win just.    

17/U – Terang Mortlake V Warrnambool – Terang Mortlake won their last encounter in the Qualifying final and Alice Suhan has been out with Injury.  Eva Ryan has been instrumental in attack for the Blues but I think the Bloods can do it again.  

17/UR: Cobden V Warrnambool:-  Cobden took out the minor Premiership and have been setting the standard all year.  The Bombers should advance to next week..  

Div 3: Port Fairy  V Terang Mortlake:-  Terang Mortlake have been the stronger of these teams during the season and showed great form in their Semi final.  The Bloods for me.

Div 2:  Port Fairy V Koroit:- The Div 2 competition has been super close this season and any team is capable of going all the way.  Port Fairy will be keen to make amends for their narrow loss last year and will be determined to get the win.

Div 1:-  Koroit V Hamilton Kangaroos:-  Koroit have had the upper hand between these two teams during the Home and Away rounds but the Kangaroos with no Open team to field, may have more players up for selection.  In a tight contest the Kangaroos may just get over the line.

Good Luck to all Teams, both Football and Netball, competing this weekend.  Looking forward to some more great contests in the beautiful Spring weather. 

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Fresha Finals Series Week 2


What an amazing weekend of Finals played in perfect Spring conditions.  Congratulation to both the Camperdown FNC and the Portland FNCC who hosted a fantastic first week of finals and there were some closely contested games of netball played across both days.  

In the main game on Saturday, Cobden had a very strong first quarter and took a nine goal lead into the first break.    Koroit tightened up the contest for the remainder of the game but the defensive pressure from the Bombers was very effective, limiting the Saint’s scoring opportunities.  Cobden were eventual winners 47 – 29.  On Sunday in Portland, when Warrnambool took on the Hamilton Kangaroos , the Blues took the early lead with a five goal buffer going into the second quarter.  The Kangaroos challenged the Blues in patches and had the momentum in the last quarter but inaccurate shooting cost them dearly late in the game.  Warrnambool went on to win 42 – 38.  

Junior Netball Best and Fairest Awards 

Congratulations to all the Award winners at this year’s Junior Best and Fairest Count last Monday night.  

There were some outstanding results across all grades of netball.  Congratulations to the following winners.

13/U Reserves:  Winner –  Lottie Wilkinson, South Warrnambool FNC;  Runner Up – Athena Chivell, Cobden FNC. 

13/U:  Joint Winners – Lexie Dwyer, Port Fairy FNC & Molly Sevior, Hamilton Kangaroos FNC; Runner-Up – Charlotte Hinds, Camperdown FNC

15/U Reserves:  Winner – Stella Patterson, South Warrnambool FNC; Runner Up – Layla Nicholson, Warrnambool FNC

15/U:  Winner – Indiana Cameron, Camperdown FNC; Runnup Up – Lara Clarke, Terang Mortlake FNC.

17/U Resereves:  Winner – Shelby Cameron, Cobden FNC; Runner Up – Paige Kermeen, South Warrnambool FNC.

17/U Rebekah Moroney Memorial Medal – Winner – Scarlett O’Donnell, Koroit FNC;  Runner Up – Ella Sevior, Hamilton Kangaroos FNC.  

My Top Picks for the Dot Jenkins Best and Fairest Award

The Dot Jenkins Medal Best and Fairest Count, along with all the other Grades of netball Best and Fairest Awards are being counted next Sunday, September 17th.  

South Warrnambool took out the Minor Premiership and will have lots of Best on Court votes – I anticipate Annie Blackburn and Ally O’Connor will be amongst the leaders board as the final votes are counted.  Sophie Barr has had a consistent season and Remeny McCann has had another stellar year.  Can Remeny take out Back to Back medals?   Millie Jennings has been amongst the better players for the Saints often throughout the season,  as has Maddison Vardy from the North Warrnambool Eagles.  Amy Wormald has also had a great Season with the Blues.  

My Predictions for this Week

I’m looking forward to witnessing two great contests this weekend in the Open Netball.  On Saturday at Terang, South Warrnambool and Cobden play off for a place in the Grand Final.  Their home and away record is one a piece and both teams are capable of producing high quality netball.  Accurate shooting and high pressure defence are skills both teams possess.  I think the difference between the two sides is through the centre court and perhaps the Roosters will have the edge over the Bombers.  I expect the game to be close but I tip South will get over the line narrowly.  On Sunday at Port Fairy, Warrnambool come up against Koroit.  This will be another tightly contested match and once again I think the game will be won through the centre court.  Warrnambool last week displayed great composure and were a much more settled side than their opponent but I believe Koroit’s young talent through the centre court will be hard to break and will probably be the difference between the two sides.  Koroit will get over the line in another close game. 

Good Luck to all teams competing in Finals this weekend.  

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Fresha Finals Series Week 1


It only seemed like a very short time ago we were acknowledging the halfway mark for the season and here we are now with the Home and Away rounds done.  Congratulations to all the teams in all grades who will start their finals campaign for 2023 this week.

A Cap of Last Week’s Results

The Hamilton Kangaroos climbed 2 positions on the ladder going from sixth to fourth when they defeated Terang Mortlake 65 – 48.   Eboni Knights had a great day shooting 35 of her team’s goals and was best on court for the Bloods.  Danielle Vankalken was very effective in the circle  scoring 47 goals for the Kangaroos.    Despite Warrnambool going down to Cobden 53 – 39 they still maintained fifth spot.  Sarah Moroney was at her best for the Bombers playing an important role in defence and Sarah Cowling was strong through the centre court for the Blues.  Camperdown finished off their season on a high with an 8 goal win over Port Fairy.  The Magpies have continued to develop throughout the year and despite only having 3 wins for the season they no doubt will walk away from the season with their heads held high.  South Warrnambool have taken our the Minor Premiers title after defeating Portland 77 to 28.  Holly Phillips added to her season’s tally scoring 58 goals while Remy Grant the best for the Tigers.  North Warrnambool finished their season on a disappointing note when they lost to Koroit by four goals.  They needed the win to keep a spot in the top 5 but went down fighting with the final score 48 – 44.  The Saints played four consistent quarters and withstood a late surge from the Eagles.  Millie Jennings was a strength through the centre for the Saints and Skye Billings dominated the goal circle for the Eagles.  

Milestone Games

Congratulations to Maddison Vardy who played her 100th Club Game for the North Warrnambool Eagles.  Maddy started her Junior Netball with the Eagles at a very young age and went on to play her first Open game at the age of 15.  After stints in Geelong (with the GFNL) and Western Australia Maddie has returned to the Club with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Awesome effort Maddy.  Congratulations once again!.

Hot Shot Award

It’s been a long time since a Goal shooting award has been acknowledged at the Hampden FNL.  The reason behind no such award is that only two players are eligible to shoot goals at any given time.  So it’s deemed unfair to all the other players on the court who are not allowed to shoot goals..  However this season has been one of interest when it comes to a Goal Scoring award.  We can unofficially say that Emily Finch from the Cobden FNC would have won the Award shooting 767 goals for the Home and Away Season – an average of 42.61 goals scored per game  Runner Up would have been Hollie Phillips who scored 751 goals for the season but had a higher average of 50.04 goals due to Hollie missing  a few games for the season.  

Junior Grand Finals

Congratulations to the South Warrnambool FNC who won both the 13/UR and 15/UR Premierships last Sunday in the Junior Sunday Competition Grand Finals.  The 13/UR team defeated Koroit 30 – 18 and played an outstanding game in great weather conditions.  Best on Court as voted by the Umpires was awarded to Lottie Wilkinson from South Warrnambool.  

South Warrnambool defeated Warrnambool in the 15/UR Grand Final 32 goals to 25.  In a great showcase of young talent the game hung in the balance until near the end and was played in great spirits.    Ruby McKinley from South Warrnambool was awarded best on Court in this match.  Congratulations to the South Warrnambool FNC – a great achievement.  

Important Dates

Junior Presentation Night – To be held on Monday, 4 September.

Maskell Medal/Dot Jenkins Medal awards – To be hosted by Clubs, Sunday 17 September.

My Predictions for this Week

On Saturday, the Qualifying Final will be played at Camperdown where Cobden will do battle with Koroit.  The Saints have been playing very consistently in their last few games and I expect this week will be no different.  Cobden have been building all season and are playing a great brand of netball.  The defensive trio – Remeny, Nadine and Sarh, will be too strong for the saints to overcome and I expect Cobden will win.  

In the second game, the Elimination Final, which is being played between Hamilton Kangaroos and Warrnambool on Sunday at Portland.  The Hamilton Kangaroos have been very competitive all season but have struggled with their consistency and will have to be at their best if they are to overcome a much improved Warrnambool. 

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 18


A Cap of Last Week’s Results

In the match of the Round, Cobden were victorious over ladder leaders South Warrnambool.  The Bombers had to find something extra after getting off to a slow start but they had a great 2nd and 4th quarters and eventually defeated the Roosters by 6 – 48 to 42.  Emily Finch, scoring 39 goals, had an outstanding game in attack for her team and Hollie Phillips scored well for South with 25 goals.  Warrnambool were well prepared for their clash against North Warrnambool and took an 8 goal margin into the first break.  The Eagles made some changes and fought back to be within 2 goals by half time but inaccuracy cost the Eagles in the 2nd half and the Blues went on to win 52 to 42.  Portland found a way to overcome a determined Port Fairy winning 39 to 34.     Hamilton Kangaroos had a comfortable win over Camperdown, downing the Magpies 65 to 29.  Hayley Sherlock was best for the Kangaroos and Elsie Sinnott tried hard for the Magpies.   The young Magpies team have improved significantly throughout the Season and I’m sure we’ll see the benefits of their work in the coming years.  In the final match of the round Koroit had to fight off a determined Terang Mortlake.  With the score level at half time Koroit were able to settle and get on top in the 3rd quarter and went on to win comfortably 52 – 34.  Johanna Glennen caused a few headaches for the Saints early and Millie Jennings played well for the Saints.   

VNL – Ally O’Connor 

Congratulations to Ally O’Connor from the South Warrnambool FNC who was recently selected to play for the Northern Territory Storm in the Australian Netball Championships currently being held in Queensland.   Whilst the Territory Storm have failed to win a game to date, Ally is certainly having a great tournament, on some occasions being named in the best players for the Northern Territory.  Ally was also named in the Victorian Netball League Championship Team of the Year as a centre court player.  A huge Congratulations on all your netball achievements so far Ally and wishing you all the best for your future netball career.    

Milestone Games

Congratulations to Jesse Crane who last week played her 200th Club Game for the Hamilton Kangaroos.  Jesse is a multiple Premiership winner and a Crawford-Quinn medallist.  According to her Club she is also a coaching extraordinaire and is loved by everyone from the Club.  Awesome effort Jesse, Congratulations.  

Junior Grand Finals

Congratulations to the 13/UR and 15/UR teams who will compete for a Premiership in this week’s Grand Finals being held at the Reid Oval this Sunday, August 27th.

In the 13/UR game, South Warrnambool will play Koroit at 11.00 a.m. and in the 15/UR game being played at 12.15 p.m.,  South Warrnambool will come up against Warrnambool. 

Best of Luck to all teams competing this Sunday in both Football and Netball Grand Finals.

Important Dates

This year’s HFNL Junior Best and Fairest Count is being held at the Warrnambool Racing Club on Monday September 4th at 6.30 p.m.

The Maskell and Dot Jenkins Medal Best and Fairest Counts is once again being conducted online with live crosses to Club gatherings for Presentations.  This will be held on Sunday September 17th commencing at 12.00 noon.  

My predictions for this Week.

With ladder positions 4 and 5 still up for grabs, Warrnambool will need to defeat Cobden if they want to ensure they finish in the top 5.  They are a team who have been playing well at the right end of the season and could challenge the Bombers.  I think Cobden have been building for some weeks and are also finding some great form when it counts most.  The Bombers will have the upperhand but the Blues will not go down without a fight.  The Hamilton Kangaroos also need to overcome Terang Mortlake if they are to make Finals.  The Bloods have been competitive with most of the top teams and could help shape the final five but I think the Kangaroos will have too much to lose and will come away with a win.  North Warrnambool have put themselves in a pressure situation, also needing a win to make Finals.  They have the team on the board to take the win over Koroit but will need to play at their best if they are to remain in the top 5.  Koroit have already secured a top 3 spot but the Eagles have too much to lose if they drop this game – North will win a close one.  Portland host South Warrnambool and are always tough to play at home.  The Roosters won’t have too much trouble accounting for the Tigers and will have a comfortable win.  Camperdown will be keen to finish off their challenging season with a win and I think they are capable of achieving that with a win over Port Fairy.

Good Luck to all Football and Netball Teams competing this weekend.

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 17


A Cap of Last Week’s Results

In a very tight battle, Terang Mortlake and Warrnambool played out a draw, 43 a piece.  Amy Wormald continued her good form in defence for the Blues and Jacqui Arundell caused a few headaches for her opponent when she dominated in attack for the Bloods.  Camperdown notched up their second win of the season defeating Portland 43 – 36.  Chloe Davis played a great game for the Magpies whilst Madeline Stone was named best for the Tigers.  Hamilton Kangaroos got off to a great start when they took on Koroit at Dunkeld.  The Kangaroos took the lead into the first break but Koroit were able to fight back and went on to win 45 – 37.  Madsie Phillips was instrumental in defence for the Kangaroos and Milla Mills put in a great performance for the Saints.

With notable players missing from the South Warrnambool and North Warrnambool line ups, the Eagles come marginally close to denying the Roosters their undefeated status.   In a game that was often goal for goal, the Roosters were able to get a turnover late in the last quarter to get a two goal win at the final siren.  Skye Billings was valuable for the Eagles and Isabella Rea put in another best on court performance for South.  In the final game, Cobden came out to play when they defeated Port Fairy 91 – 16.  Ellie Coulahan tried hard for the Seagulls whilst Emily Finch was accurate in the circle contributing 50 goals for the Bombers.

Milestone Games

Congratulations to Phoebe Whitman who will play her 100th Senior game for the North Warrnambool Eagles this Saturday.  Phoebe has played all her netball with the Eagles and is always a willing volunteer around the Club.  Congratulations Phoebe, awesome effort.

A very big Congratulations to Rhianne Lewis who played her 350th game for the Hamilton Kangaroos last week.  Rhianne’s accolades as a player have included multiple Crawford-Quinn Medals and many premierships.  She is known for her valuable defensive skills, great positioning and netball smarts.  Rhianne is always volunteering her time to help the Club and is very passionate about teaching and developing all the emerging netballers in the Junior grades.  Congratulations Rhianne on your fantastic efforts.  

Umpire Accreditation 

Anna Dickson from the Terang Mortlake FNC and also Ruby Couch from the South Warrnambool FNC were both awarded their C Badge Accreditation recently.  Both candidates have been umpiring well this season and are very deserving of their successful test.  Congratulations to you both.  

Final Contenders

It is almost certain that South Warrnambool will take out the minor Premiership for this Season and Cobden are expected to finish second.  Positions 3 to 6 can still change in the lead up to finals.  Hamilton Kangaroos who are currently sitting sixth, possibly have the easiest run home so could still clinch a spot in the top five.  North Warrnambool currently hold fourth spot but have two tough games remaining so will have to win at least one game if they are to play finals come September.  Koroit who have a strong hold on third will need things to go their way to keep the double chance and Warrnambool, who also have a challenging run home will probably need to win both if they are to hold onto a top five finish.  Whilst Terang Mortlake can’t make finals this year, they have challenged many of the top teams to date and will be determined to finish off their season well.  They have the ability to shape the top five.   

My Predictions for this Week

Hamilton Kangaroos will have a comfortable win over the Magpies as they challenge for a top five finish.  Terang Mortlake will want to finish off their season with some good results but Koroit will be determined to hold onto the double chance and should take the points.  Port Fairy take on Portland this week and the Tigers should notch up another win in a close game.  Warrnambool have been in great form in recent weeks and will need to continue that form if they are to take the win over North Warrnambool.  I think the Eagles will have too much to lose if they  drop this game and that will be the incentive to get them over the line in a very contested game.  Cobden will be keen to challenge South Warrnambool when they meet at the Friendlies Society Park.  The Bombers have trialled many different positional changes during the course of the season but I expect they have come up with their best combinations and will no doubt be keen to see how they measure up against the league’s best.  With a full list I think South will take the points and remain undefeated.  

Good Luck to all teams competing this weekend.

Good Luck to all the Junior Teams competing in the Preliminary Finals on Sunday in Cobden. 

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 15


A Cap of Last Week’s Results

Warrnambool keep their final hope alive defeating the Hamilton Kangaroo by 7 goals (46 – 39) and currently sit in fourth position.  Koroit easily accounted for the Magpies with the final score 70 – 20 and will help them for their endeavour for a top 3 finish.

Umpire Accreditation 

A massive congratulations to Stacey Dwyer from the Port Fairy FNC who was successful in obtaining her B Badge accreditation last week.  Stacey has worked tirelessly for the past few years to achieve this result.  It was a fantastic effort.  Well Done Stacey.

Congratulations also to Shelby O’Sullivan from the Koroit FNC and Sophie Conheady from the Camperdown FNC who were both successful in obtaining their C Badge Accreditation last Saturday.  Thank you to all the testers who made themselves available to allow this too happen.  

My Predictions for this Week

This week South Warrnambool verse Terang Mortlake.  The Roosters will show why they are sitting top and will have a comfortable win over the Bloods.  Terang Mortlake showed a lot of promise but have come up short in recent games.  They undoubtedly have some talented younger players coming through and will be a strong finals contender next year.  North Warrnambool will need to have a big win over Port Fairy if they are to give themselves a chance to finish top 3.  They have a very tough run home and will need to be at their best for the remainder of the season, but I expect a percentage boosting win over the seagulls.  In the third match this week Cobden take on Portland at Hanlon Park.  Cobden will earn a win over the Tigers and will look for a more settled team game as they approach the finals series.

Ladder positions 3 – 6 are all still up for grabs.  I expect some Clubs will be eager to check results of other games in the next few weeks as every result will have a big impact on the Top 5.  

Good Luck to all teams competing this weekend and I hope the weather is kind to you all.

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 14


This Netball article comes all the way from Nhulunbuy NT, where recently the Gove Netball Association held an Exhibition match against the Groote Eylandt Netball Association with the Gove NA eventual winners by 4 goals.  The local Competition host Junior and Senior Netball with team names such as Mud Crabs, Arnhem Renegades and Big Mamas.  I’m looking forward to watching some more NT Netball action in Darwin where we will witness some former Hampden FNL players participate in the NT ??? Netball League.  

A Cap of Last Week’s Results

Madsie Phillips was instrumental when Hamilton Kangaroos easily accounted for Port Fairy earning a percentage scoring win 64 – 13.  Tilly Balmer was the best for Port Fairy.  Cobden were too strong for North Warrnambool winning 72 – 37.  Remeny McCann was back to her best for the Bombers whilst Maddison Vardy was best on court for the Eagles.  Meg Kelson was the Roosters best when South Warrnambool defeated Koroit 52 – 26. Scarlett continued her dominance for the Koroit Saints.   A strong performance from Sarah Smith helped Warrnambool score an important win over Camperdown 75 – 35.  Isobel Sinnnott was best for the Magpies.  Teang Mortlake had to fight off a determined Portland Tigers to take a 6 goal win, with the final score being 48 – 42.  Hollie Castledine excelled in defence for the Bloods while Remy Grant was back to her best for the Tigers. 

Milestone Game

Congratulations to Jaymie Finch, who is set to mark a momentous occasion tomorrow by celebrating her 150th Open Netball game! Prior to her move to Cobden in 2018, Jaymie had an impressive record of 116 games for Camperdown, where she distinguished herself as a League B&F and MVP winner. Her skills as a smart, skillful, and accurate attacker have continued to shine brightly in Cobden’s black and red colors. Beyond her prowess on the court, Jaymie has been a valuable volunteer, generously contributing her time as a coach and umpire over the years. Congratulations Jaymie.

My predictions for this Week.

Despite Camperdown being a much improved Team when they first met, Cobden will be too strong for Camperdown and will have a comfortable win over the Magpies.  When North Warrnambool last met Portland, the Eagles had to fight hard for the win but I think the Eagles are a much more settled team and will have a well earned win over the Tigers.  Koroit will have too much experience for Warrnambool and should earn the points with a win over the Blues.  Terang Mortlake will make it two wins consecutively when they take on Port Fairy at Mortlake and Hamilton Kangaroos will take on South Warrnambool at Dunkeld but they will be no match for the Premiership favourites, South Warrnambool.   

Author: Josie Logan

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 13


A Cap of Last Week’s Results

Despite last week’s extreme wintery conditions there were some high scoring contests in Round 12.

Hamilton Kangaroos came out of the blocks firing taking a 16 goal lead into the first break and lead by 24 at half time.  Portland were very competitive in the second half but Hamilton were eventual winners 57 – 32.  South Warrnambool had a comfortable win over Warrnambool 66 – 26.  Ally O’Connor was at her best for the Roosters and Amy Wormald was valuable for the Blues.  North Warrnambool had a much needed percentage boosting win against Camperdown winning 62 – 35.  Terang Mortlake had a strong first half when they took on Cobden at Ridley Recreation Reserve taking a 4 goal lead into half time thanks to some great defensive work from Alice Kain.  Cobden were able to find their rhythm in the second half and took the points, eventually winning by 11 goals.  A great result for the Bombers with some big names missing from their line up.  Koroit managed to easily account for Port Fairy – the final core being 49 – 22.  Tilly Balmer was best for Port Fairy while Layla Monk had a great game for the Saints.  

Umpire Accreditation

Congratulations to Isla Nolan and Grace Lucas from the Camperdown FNC who were successful in obtaining their C Badge accreditation last week.  The Camperdown FNC have worked hard to develop their umpires over the past 2 years and they are starting to see the rewards for their efforts.  Congratulations to Isla and Grace.  Great Work!

This brings our tally to 8 successful tests for this Season and with a few more to test before the end of our home and away season we expect this to rise.  On behalf of the League, thank you to the great work that all Umpires do each and every week.  We thank you and appreciate you!

The Season so Far 

With Round 12 down I think we can safely say the race for a top 5 finish is out of reach for 4 of the 10 Clubs.  Mathematically Warrnambool are still in with a chance at very long odds, but both Warrnambool and Terang Mortlake are capable of shaping the order and have a say in which teams finish with the double chance.

Milestone Games

This Saturday, the North Warrnambool Eagles will celebrate Skye Billings as she plays her 150th senior club game against Cobden. Skye has achieved remarkable milestones throughout her netball career, including being the runner-up for the Open Hampden League’s Best and Fairest award in 2022, winning the Open Club Best and Fairest award in the same year, and being selected for the Open Team of the Year in both 2018 and 2022. She has also represented various Hampden inter-league sides, was a pivotal player in the A1 Premiership victory in 2015, and has taken on coaching roles, including being the Open coach in 2021 and 2022. Currently serving as the Captain of the Open team in 2023, Skye’s leadership and exceptional skills have greatly contributed to the North Warrnambool Eagles’ success. Congratulations to Skye on this incredible milestone, and best wishes to her and the Eagles.

My Predictions for This Week

A top five finish will be incentive enough for the Hamilton Kangaroos to defeat Port Fairy comfortably.  Warrnambool’s experience will be too much for Camperdown to overcome and the Blues will take the win over the Magpies.  Terang Mortlake will earn the four points when they take on the Portland Tigers.  Koroit will be keen to see how they measure up against the League’s best in South Warrnambool.  The Roosters have dominated the season all year and I expect Koroit to give it their all but South will be too strong.  Without key defender Maisie Barlow, and having to blood some youngsters into the Open lineup, I think Cobden will have all the answers to overcome a competitive Eagles.  

Good Luck to all teams competing this Saturday and I expect there will be some very competitive games in the Junior Competitions as they approach their Finals Series.  Good Luck to all teams competing on Sunday. 

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 12


Results from Round 11

Koroit never looked threatened taking an early lead in their clash against Portland, going on to win 58 – 29.  Nell Mitchell scored 46 of her team’s 58 goals.  After a very tight first half, Cobden broke away from the Kangaroos in the third quarter taking an 11 goal lead into the final break.  Eventually winning by 12, Sarah Moroney for the Bombers, had an outstanding game in defence and Madsie Phillips was Kangaroo’s best..  South Warrnambool easily accounted for Camperdown with Hollie Phillips adding 52 goals to her year’s tally.  Elsie Sinnott had a great game for the Magpies.  North Warrnambool fought hard to shake off a determined Terang Mortlake.  Eboni Knights had a great game and contributed 36 goals for the Bloods while Maisie Barlow’s workrate in the defensive circle for the Eagles limited scoring opportunities for the bloods.  North won the game 66 – 51.  Port Fairy were defeated by 21 goals when they played Warrnambool.  The seagulls were very competitive for the first three quarters and were still in the game at ¾ time.  The blues broke away in the last quarter and had a comfortable 21 goal win.

Milestone Games

Congratulations to Hayley Sherlock who will play her 250th Club Game this weekend for the Hamilton Kangaroos.  That’s a fantastic effort and we wish Hayley a great game this weekend when they take on the Portland Tigers.

Umpire Accreditation 

Congratulations to Stephanie Wiffen from the Terang Mortlake FNC who was awarded her C Badge Accreditation recently.  Stephanie has returned to umpiring this season and has stepped up to umpire some of the Senior grades for both Terang Mortlake and Camperdown.  Congratulations Stephanie and we look forward to seeing you develop your umpiring skills in the coming games.

My predictions for this Week

North Warrnambool should have a comfortable win over Camperdown.  Hamilton Kangaroos will be determined to get a win over Portland to keep themselves in the hunt for a finals berth.  Koroit should easily account for Port Fairy.  South Warrnambool won’t have any trouble accounting for Warrnambool and coming off a break, Cobden will be keen to find some momentum and get the points when they take on Terang Mortlake.

Good Luck to all teams competing this weekend.

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 11


A Cap of last week’s Results

In a round where most matches were played in very trying wet and windy conditions, there were some very competitive games being played with 7 teams still well and truly in the hunt to play finals.  Terang Mortlake were back on the winners list with a 72 – 35 goal victory over Camperdown.  Jacqui Arundell had an outstanding game in attack scoring 35 of her team’s goals and whilst the magpies have improved since round 2, they were no match for the Bloods.  The reigning premiers South Warrnambool simply outclassed Port Fairy 93 – 14.  Holly Phillips was outstanding for the Roosters scoring 68 goals and Tessa Allen tried hard for the Seagulls.  The defence combination of Amy Wormald and Matilda Fitzgerald were instrumental in the Blues win over Portland,  53 – 28.  Katie Zeunert tried hard but the Tigers but her team were outscored every quarter.  Koroit and Cobden battled out a close contest at Victoria Park.  The Saints took the leady early and held a 1 goal lead at the main break.  Cobden, who are still working on their best combinations, made a lot of changes during the match and managed to outscore the Saints in the second half to come away with a 3 goal win – 44 to 41.  Sarah Moroney was best on court for the Bombers and Scarlett O’Donnell was Koroit’s best.  In very wet conditions Hamilton Kangaroos and North Warrnambool played out a great game at Pedrina Park.  The Eagles managed a 9 goal lead at half time with Skye Billings having a big impact in goals and they went on to win 46 – 32.

Association Championships Finals Day

Last Sunday the Hampden FNL were very well represented at the Association Championships Finals Day when the 13/U, 15/U, 17/U and Open representative teams competed for a state title.  

The 13/U came up against some strong opposition early in the day and went down in their first 3 games.  They then found their feet and went on to win and draw a game before outsourcing their opposition 17 – 4 in their consolation final.  Thank you to their Team Officials – Jamie Barr, Kym Grundy and Kim Wines.

The 15/U team won 9 of their 11 games in the Preliminary rounds.  These results placed them well on the ladder and came up against St. Albans/Caroline Springs but went down by 3.  They were ably guided by Stacey O’Sullivan, Chelsea Quinn and Marie Wall.

Thd 17/U team finished second after their preliminary rounds after dropping only one game to Ovens & Murray in the Preliminary rounds.  They came up against Ovens & Murray again in their semi final and won by 4 goals but went down to Banyule in the Grand Final 15 – 9.  Thanks to Jacqui Peake and ??? for leading the team.  It was a fantastic effort for all of the players to do so well but they were overcome in the grand final after a very challenging day of high intense netball.  

The Open Team, coached by Will Jamieson, Kate Lindsay and Kerry Jennings, played some outstanding games in the Preliminary Rounds also only dropping the one game.  The competed against Ovens & Murray in the Semi Final and drew initially but went down by 3 goals in extra time. 

Congratulations also to Olivia Marris, Leo McGrath, Lilly Lourey and Leah Kermeen who were our Umpires.  Olivia, Leo and Leah were all awarded finals with Olivia being awarded a Grand Final.  It was a demanding fixture for them all but they all did incredibly well.  Go Team White!!!  

It was a fantastic performance by all of our teams and we were well represented by all of our players, Coaches, Team Managers and Umpires.  The talent of the Hampden FNL was certainly showcased proudly at Finals Day.  Thank you also to the Mike Farrow, Trish Butters, Kathy Hall, Marie Wall and Dot Jenkins for all your commitment and organisation and to the Hampden FNL Executive for providing the opportunity to compete at such an important event on the Netball Calendar.   

Milestone Games

Congratulations to Warrnambool’s Matilda Fitzgerald who will line up for her 50th Open netball match this weekend vs Port Fairy. Matilda moved to the WFNC in U/15s, she has won multiple best and fairest and has played rep in Western region.

Congratulations to Molly Keast from the North Warrnambool Eagles who will play her 50th Senior game this Saturday.  Molly has returned to the Club this season after spending time in Melbourne studying.  Molly is a valued member of the Club who plays both Division 1 and 2 and is also the Assistant Coach for the Development Team.  Well Done Molly – Awesome Effort.

Congratulations to Ally and Jessie Mellblom from the South Warrnambool FNC who both play their 50th Senior Game this Weekend against Camperdown.  The Mellblom family have had a long Association with the Roosters and it’s quite ironic that both sisters celebrate their milestone game the same day.  Both Jessie and Ally are also seen umpiring on a regular basis for their Club.  

Umpire Accreditation

Congratulations to Amy Cooper from the Port Fairy FNC and Rhianne Lewis from the Hamilton Kangaroos FNC who were both awarded their C Badge accreditation last weekend.  Thank you to the Clubs who continue to develop their Umpires, you are now reaping the rewards for your efforts.

My Predictions for This Week

South Warrnambool will have a comfortable win over Camperdown.  Warrnambool will notch up another win when they defeat Port Fairy.  Koroit should take the points when they play Portland.  Cobden and Hamilton Kangaroos will be an interesting game.  The Kangaroos will be keen to get the points to stay in touch with the top 3 but I think Cobden will be too strong.  Terang Mortlake and North Warrnambool will be a close contest and I think will go down to the wire – too close to call.

Good Luck to all teams competing this weekend.

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