South West Sports Trainers Association: Round 6

South West Sports Trainers Association: Round 6

18th May 2023

Myths Busted

MYTH- I’ve iced once that should be enough

FACT- To reduce swelling and bruising, it’s important to follow the RICER protocol for at least 48hrs-72hrs. To apply ICE once it won’t do anything and by not following the RICER protocol it will only make your recovery time longer from your injury.                                                                                                                

MYTH- If I getting strapping, I can’t injury myself

FACT- Even with the best strapping there is no guarantee you won’t re-do a previous injury. The most important part in prevention is to do the exercise’s to build up the muscles/ ligaments around the injury part.                                                                                                                                                                 In some cases these ligaments can take over 12months to get there strength back.

MYTH – Alcoholic drink won’t hurt the injury

FACT- Any alcohol consumption will likely cause further bleeding, bruising and swelling. This will also increase the recovery time and the injury will take longer to heal.

MYTH- I don’t need to do the exercise’s the physiotherapist or trainer gave me

FACT- As boring as the exercises may be, they play an essential part of the rehab and future prevention process. They also aid recovery process with the injury. So it’s important to find the time to complete as recommend.

MYTH- If I get a massage I don’t need to do a proper warm up

FACT- To warm up properly and reduce the risk of injury a proper warm up is required. The muscle and ligaments need to be gently stretched and warmed and the best way to do this is a proper warm up.

ALWAYS CONSULT A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL.  This information is a resource and provides an overview. It’s not a substitute for medical advice and you should always see a trained professional practicing in sports medicine, your doctor or seek assistance of the hospital if the injury/ health concern requires urgent attention

Notice Board

  • Sunday 21st of May – Massage, Trigger point release, taping course (contact us for a Flyer with more details)
  • First Aid and CPR available Sunday 28th of May in Warrnambool
  • Sports Trainers Level 1 Course available on Monday 5th of June and Tuesday 6th of June in Warrnambool 6pm to 9pm

For information please contact Samantha 0419026171

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