South West Sports Trainers Association: Round 6

South West Sports Trainers Association: Round 6

17th May 2024

The No HARM approach
Following the No HARM will ensure a player can look after the injury correctly and return to play in a timely matter. This is a guide for strains and sprains.

ICE treatment or RICE should still be applied in the first 48-72hours.

What is the NO HARM Approach?
No HARM is about avoiding things that may contribute or can make an injury worse.
No Heat- Heat can increase the bleeding
No Alcohol- Alcohol can also increase bleeding and swelling
No Running or exercise- This can also increase the bleeding to the injured area and delay healing
No Massage- Massage increases swelling and bleeding, this also to delays the healing process.

What’s the key to the No HARM approach?
It’s essential the No HARM rule is followed for the first 72 hours of an injury.
Always consult a doctor or go to emergency if you are concerned about your injury.

Better Health Channel Sports Injuries
Updated-Aug/2015, Accessed- 3/04/2016

ALWAYS CONSULT A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL. This information is a resource and provides an overview. It’s not a substitute for medical advice and you should always see a trained professional practicing in sports medicine, your doctor or seek assistance of the hospital if the injury/ health concern requires urgent attention.

Important Dates

  • First Aid and CPR update available on Sunday 16th of June 2024. This starts at 10am. Questions or to register to Samantha Spokes 041 9026171

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