South West Sports Trainers Association: Round 12

South West Sports Trainers Association: Round 12

5th July 2022


This is a timely reminder to check the Defibrillators within your clubs. Most Clubs will have an Automated External Defibrillator.

• Survival of cardiac arrest doubles when the defibrillator is accessed immediately and applied when used bystanders including sports trainers at the time of the cardiac arrest while waiting for emergency services.

There are important regular checks that need to be carried out to ensure the equipment works in the event it is required. These include:
• Status ready indicator shows the unit is ready
• Battery is working and NOT expired
• Unit is free of cracks, foreign substances, or other signs of damage
• The pads are for the correct users of the facility (adult/ child) and are sealed and within expiration date

• Supporting materials are sealed and unused within expiration – face shield, scissors, gloves, razor, alcohol wipes.

• Nominate accessible location for the defibrillator
• Be visible to all users and visitors
• Be ready to use
• Regular maintenance checks on the defibrillator
• Clear signage
• Clear address and nearest cross street of your premises


  • AED Maintenance checklist:

  • AED checklist of implementing an effective AED program

Notice Board

  • Sports Trainers Course available on Sunday 10th of July in Warrnambool. Registration is via online and on our face book page- South West Sports Trainers. Please contact me if you need the link sent out by email to you.  

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