South West Sports Trainers Association: Round 11

South West Sports Trainers Association: Round 11

22nd June 2023

Injury management

Correct management of any injury can have a better healing time and see the player return to play quicker. The RICE concept is simple and effective in the initial injury management phase.

What’s the Best Way to use ICE?

Rest- Important to rest the injured area as much as possible and support the area if appropriate.

Ice- Apply Ice to the injured area

Compression- Apply a firm bandage to help hold the ICE into position

Elevation- Important to raise the injured area if possible (e.g. foot, knee, hand) this helps the body reduce swelling.

What’s the recommend ICE time?   

A good rule is 10 mins on and every 2 hours for the first 3 days. However every injury is different. Some may require less time, some more. If the area is causing pain when ice is applied or part way through Icing. Remove the Ice and consult a professional. Don’t apply Ice directly to the skin. You can place a towel/ face washer over the cold pack before putting it on the skin.

What does ICE do?

  • Can Relieve pain
  • Can reduce swelling
  • Can promote healing


WebMD Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE) – Topic Overview

Updated-14/11/2014, Accessed- 3/04/2016

ALWAYS CONSULT A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL.  This information is a resource and provides an overview. It’s not a substitute for medical advice and you should always see a trained professional practicing in sports medicine, your doctor or seek assistance

of the hospital if the injury requires urgent attention

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