Netball Rule of the Week

Netball Rule of the Week

6th June 2024

Scoring a Goal

A goal is scored when the ball passes above and complete through the ring following a shot by Goal Shooter or Goal Attack from any point within the goal circle including the lines bounding the goal circle.

If the whistle to end a period of play or hold time is blown after the ball has left the hands of the Goal Shooter or Goal Attack and the shot is successful, the goal will be scored.  If the shot is unsuccessful, but the defending player causes the goalpost to move to interfere with the shot, or deflects the ball on its downward flight towards the ring including touching the ball up through the net play will be extended for a penalty pass/shot to be taken.

If a defending player deflects a shot for goal and the ball then passes above and completely through the ring, a goal is still scored.

If the ball passes completely through the ring on any other occasion no goal is sored and play continues.

The Umpire signal a goal has been scored by raising one arm vertically.

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