HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 6

HFNL Weekly Netball Wrap: Round 6

17th May 2024

Plenty to see on the courts in round Six of the Open netball Competition.

A real test for the Cobden side against the all-conquering South Warrnambool lineup, a good test for the Sophie Hinkley coached side who will come out firing however for my money South comfortably.

An interesting match at Victoria Park an inform North Warrnambool take on the injury/unavailable laden Koroit. North Warrnambool’s attacking game will be too strong for Koroit at this stage of the season.

Warrnambool are starting to work the combinations and will out play the Portland Tigers, however having watch the tigers in a couple of games I may well have to eat my words.

Camperdown have been slow to start in a couple of games giving their opposition a head start. Camperdown will need to start well to get on top of the attacking Port Fairy side. Camperdown in a tight contest. An interesting note is Port Fairy have the leading Goal scores in both Open (Jessika Tobin Salzman 172) and Division one (Aylish Tobin Salzman 168) competition after 5 rounds.

Terang Mortlake take on the Hamilton Kangaroos at the new courts at Hawkesdale.  This match should be interesting contest. Terang/Mortlake will get the  points and stay in the top five. The new courts at the DC Farran oval are impressive. Congratulations to the Management Committees of both the DC Farran Oval and the Hawkesdale/Macarthur Football Netball club on the new Netball Courts.

Hats off to Melanie Van Den Eynde on playing her 100 games of Division 2 Netball for Camperdown Magpies. Mel commenced her netball with the Magpies under fifteen reserves team in 2002 and played her first Senior grade game B Grade/Division 2 game in 2006. Mel has played 245 games of netball for Camperdown she has also coach the Division 3 side for 4 years (interrupted by Covid).

Melanie comes from a family of contributors for the Magpies. The Van Den Eynde family have been active at the Pies for many years. Congratulations Melanie Van Den Eynde.

 The Hampden Football Netball league is proud to announce the Association Championship teams for 2024. The league will be taking five underage teams to the Western Zone championships in Ballarat on Sunday June 2nd, they include teams in the Under 13, Under 13 Reserves, Under 15, Under 15 Reserves and the Under 17 Competitions. The open team have automatically qualified for the Finals Day in Melbourne which will be staged on the 16th of June.

Under 13 Championship                                            Under 13 Reserve

Chloe Kermeen (SW)                                                    Elsie Brown (Ham)

Molly McNeil (SW)                                                        Ava Kinnealy (Ham)

Lily Harris (SW)                                                              Esther Gleeson (Kor)

Lexi Thomas (Ham)                                                       Vivienne Smedts (Kor)

Leni Robertson (Ham)                                                  Athena Chivell (Cob)

Madison Lucas (Camp)                                                 Taylor Cameron (Camp)

Olive Wills (Camp)                                                         Isabel Divall (SW)

Ellie Dobson (Kor)                                                          Sibella Evans (SW)

Ava Gleeson (Kor)                                                          Lottie Wilkinson (SW)

Grace Piergrosse (Portland)                                        Ayda Wiseman (Portland)

Sophie Brown (W’bool)

Under 15 Championship                                            Under 15 Reserves

Addison Conheady (NW)                                             Charlotte Hinds (Camp)

Chloe Gleeson (Kor)                                                      Charlotte Smedts (Kor)

Indi O’Connor (Kor)                                                       Edie Batt (Kor)

Lyla Grundy (TM)                                                           Kiara Love (Camp)

Maddox Ryan (Ham)                                                     Maddie Clarke (TM)

Maya Rhodes (SW)                                                       Mckenzie Dillon (TM)

Piper Stephens (Camp)                                                Molly Sevior (Ham)

Pippa Barr (TM)                                                             Poppy Monk (Kor)           

Rosie Bowman (Kor)                                                     Rushleigh Jefferies (W)

Ruby McKinley (SW)                                                     Stella Marris (SW)

Saskia Gould (Ham)                                                      Zeta Kane (SW)

Saylah  Veale (SW)                                                        Zoe Dobson (Kor)

Under 17 Championship                                            Open Team

Molly NcLaren (Kor)                                                      Emma Buwalda (SW)

Nikki Clover (Cob)                                                          Meg Carlin (SW)

Lara Clarke (TM)                                                            Lily Eldridge (Camp)

Indiana Cameron (Camp)                                            Millie Jennings (Kor)

Elsie Sinnott (Camp)                                                     Meg Kelson (SW)

Isabella McDowall (NW)                                              Eva Ryan (W’Bool)

Kimora Callaway (SW)                                                  Ally O’Connor (SW)         

Kyla Groves (W’Bool)                                                    Grace Taylor (Cob)

Hannah O’Keefe (Kor)                                                  Gen O’Connor (SW)

Lucy McLaren (Kor)                                                       Isabella Rea (SW)

Shelby O’Sullivan (Kor)                                                 Ella Savior (Ham)

Matilda Darcy (Cob)                                                      Carly Watson (SW)                                        

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