FREE Head Check APP for Concussion

FREE Head Check APP for Concussion

22nd March 2021

Concussion Recognition Support Tool for anyone and easy to use

This Head Check app has being developed by leading neuropsychologists and Emergency doctors at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and the AFL.

This easy to use head check app can be used by parents, guardians, club officials or sports trainers. It will identify if the player needs an ambulance or to be seen by a doctor by asking a series of questions based on the newly SCAT 3 Concussion assessment protocol.

Although, design for children this can be used for any players of any age and also can keep records of concussion and is a great tool!

The Key Message remains the same for all concussion “If in doubt, sit them out”   

Reference: Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Head Check Concussion App May 2018

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