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Netball Rule of the Week


Scoring a Goal

A goal is scored when the ball passes above and complete through the ring following a shot by Goal Shooter or Goal Attack from any point within the goal circle including the lines bounding the goal circle.

If the whistle to end a period of play or hold time is blown after the ball has left the hands of the Goal Shooter or Goal Attack and the shot is successful, the goal will be scored.  If the shot is unsuccessful, but the defending player causes the goalpost to move to interfere with the shot, or deflects the ball on its downward flight towards the ring including touching the ball up through the net play will be extended for a penalty pass/shot to be taken.

If a defending player deflects a shot for goal and the ball then passes above and completely through the ring, a goal is still scored.

If the ball passes completely through the ring on any other occasion no goal is sored and play continues.

The Umpire signal a goal has been scored by raising one arm vertically.



South Warrnambool 18.11.119 defeated Port Fairy 4.7.31

Camperdown 12.21.93 defeated Portland 8.10.58

Warrnambool 15.13.103 defeated Terang Mortlake 10.15.75

Koroit 10.12.72 defeated Hamilton Kangaroos 10.6.66

Cobden 10.4.64 defeated by North Warrnambool Eagles 9.13.67

JK King Homes and Chittick’s Bakery Stats: Round 7, 2024


Camperdown 9.6.60 defeated by South Warrnambool 9.11.65

Terang Mortlake 8.5.53 defeated by Koroit 18.15.123

Portland 11.12.78 defeated by Cobden 14.15.99

North Warrnambool Eagles 11.12.78 defeated Warrnambool 8.16.64

Hamilton Kangaroos 11.11.77 defeated by Port Fairy 18.6.114

Netball Rule of the Week


Stoppage for an Injury/Illness of a player of Blood

The Umpires hold time for injury/illness following a verifiable request by an on-court player or without a request in the event there is an obvious and/or serious injury.  A Primary Carer may request the umpires to hold time to facilitate a substitution of any on court player due to suspected concussion.  The Umpires hold time if they notice any player who has an open wound or who is actively bleeding (including blood-stained clothing).

In all circumstances above, the player concerned must leave the court within 30 seconds and receive any treatment off the court.  The timekeepers advise the umpires when 10 seconds remain.

Only Primary Carers are permitted on court to assess a player’s medical condition.  They may ask for extra assistance if required.

The Umpire may call Umpires Time if the player concerned cannot be removed from the court safely within 30 seconds.  The scorer’s bench must be notified of umpires time.  Umpires may also authorise other persons to assist the player to leave the court.

Any other player with blood on their body or clothing who is not actively bleeding may leave the field of play to have this cleaned within the time allowed for the stoppage by the Umpires without the need to be substituted.  However, any clothing that becomes blood-stained must be replaced within the time allowed for the stoppage by the umpires and this may occur away from the playing enclosure.  If there is blood on the ball it should be swapped and any blood on the court must be cleaned before play restarts.

During the stoppage both teams may make substitutions and/or team changes, provided these are completed within the time allowed for the stoppage by the umpires.  In no substitution is made for the injured/ill player, or for a player who has an open wound or who is actively bleeding (including blood stained clothing), play may resume with the position left vacant.  If the player is the Centre and no substitution is made, one player must move to play as Centre to allow the match to continue.

If the position has been left vacant and play has resumed any player can be substituted using the Rolling Substitution Rule.

Stoppage for Emergencies

The Umpires may hold time or extend an interval in the event of the serious injury/illness of a player, injury/illness of a match official or technical official, an issue with the court, goalposts or ball, the weather or technical equipment or in other extreme circumstances.

The umpire, in conjunction with the Court Supervisor decide the length of such a stoppage and ensure play restarts as soon as possible.

If required, the Court Supervisor, in conjunction with the Umpires, may abandon a match if the safety of players and/or officials is considered to be at risk.

JK King Homes and Chittick’s Bakery Stats: Round 5, 2024


Camperdown 16.12.108 defeated Cobden 7.10.52

South Warrnambool 11.14.80 defeated Warrnambool 8.5.53

Terang Mortlake 11.8.74 defeated Port Fairy 3.9.27

Koroit 12.14.86 defeated Portland 8.1.49

Hamilton Kangaroos 6.5.41 defeated by North Warrnambool Eagles 11.14.80

WorkSafe Country Club Series: Camperdown vs Cobden


The WorkSafe Country Club Series continues in the heart of Victoria’s South West this weekend, with the Camperdown Football and Netball Club hosting AFL Victoria’s country footy feature event for the round.

The highly anticipated Hampden Football Netball League clash between rivals the Camperdown Magpies and Cobden Bombers is set to draw a strong crowd, with hundreds of locals expected to flock to Leura Oval for the Round 5 matchup on Saturday 11 May, with the main game to start at 2pm.

The WorkSafe Country Club Game will put the Camperdown community in the spotlight throughout the week, with a football and netball clinic run by Western Bulldogs 2016 Premiership Player, Tom Boyd, and Melbourne Vixens players Hannah Mundy, Rudi Ellis and Kate Eddy at training on Thursday night.

Tom Boyd and Maggie Caris from the Vixens will also be in attendance on match day.

The WorkSafe Country Club Games initiative aims to champion regional communities and their volunteers, whilst serving as a platform for these football and netball clubs to promote the importance of workplace safety.

By taking part in the week, Camperdown FNC also receive a $5,000 financial contribution from WorkSafe, along with new footballs, netballs and goal post padding to support the club.

Head of AFL Victoria, Greg Madigan, said that the week is a terrific opportunity for the local community to come together and remind each other of why it’s important to keep each other safe at work.

“We know our participants have a lot going on and fatigue and other decision making can creep in.”

“WorkSafe have been a tremendous supporter of Victorian country footy for more than 20 years now, and the relevance is as clear as ever – stay safe at work, and we’ll all keep coming to the footy on a Saturday to enjoy a kick and spending time with our mates and families.”

Tom Boyd is looking forward to getting involved with the local community for a great cause.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be heading down to Camperdown this Thursday and Saturday. We know just how vital a role that community football and netball clubs play in regional communities in particular, and that makes them the perfect place to spread the message about workplace safety,” Boyd said.

This weekend will be the second of six WorkSafe Country Club Games for 2024. By focusing on agricultural communities where risks of injury are heightened, WorkSafe aims to build connections and deliver essential safety guidance to safeguard at risk Victorians from injury and harm at work.

JK King Homes and Chittick’s Bakery Stats: Round 4, 2024


Good Friday: South Warrnambool 11.9.75 defeated Koroit 9.8.62

ANZAC Day: Portland 6.5.41 defeated by Hamilton Kangaroos 15.12.102

Warrnambool 18.9.117 defeated Camperdown 8.10.58

Port Fairy 7.12.54 defeated Cobden 4.8.32

North Warrnambool Eagles 16.11.107 defeated Terang Mortlake 7.8.50

JK King Homes and Chittick’s Bakery Stats: Round 3, 2024


Hamilton Kangaroos 6.4.40 defeated by South Warrnambool 15.11.101

Camperdown 8.11.59 defeated by Koroit 16.14.110

Portland 10.6.66 defeated by Terang Mortlake 26.17.173

North Warrnambool Eagles 22.12.144 defeated Port Fairy 10.5.65

Cobden 8.10.58 defeated Warrnambool 7.13.55

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