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About Us

The Hampden Football Netball League commenced in 1930 when Camperdown, Cobden, Mortlake and Terang began the competition. This occurred three years after the formation of the Victorian Country Football League. In 1933 Warrnambool and South Warrnambool were admitted. In 1934 Port Fairy and Koroit applied to join but were rejected.

In 1933 the Hampden League was nominated as the Major League for the Corangamite District of the VCFL. In 1936 the Corangamite District became known as the Hampden district. Port Fairy and Colac became affiliated members in 1949, the same year as the Maskell Cup, later to become the Maskell Medal, was introduced for the Senior football Best & Fairest.

In 1961, Koroit and Coragulac were admitted. Coragulac remained as a member in their own right until 1979 after which they amalgamated with Colac to be known as Colac/Coragulac. The Coragulac name was dropped after 1986 and the Club was again known as Colac. Colac left the Hampden Football Netball League in 2001 and joined the Geelong Football League. North Warrnambool, later called the North Warrnambool Eagles, was admitted in 1997.

The League was controlled by Club Delegates from 1930 until 1985 when an Independent Executive was elected to conduct the affairs of the League.

Towards the end of the 1987 season the Executive agreed the playing of Netball by the Clubs would be an asset to the League. Netball has been played since 1988 and in 1997 the League added Netball to its name to become the Hampden Football Netball League Inc. The League now has six grades of netball participating each weekend and the HFNL is now one of the strongest Netball Leagues in the state.

Mortlake struggled for numbers towards the end of the 1990’s and an amalgamation with Derrinallum saw the Western Lions formed in 1999. This Club struggled and in early 2000 went into recess. In 2001, Mortlake was successful with an amalgamation with Terang to become Terang Mortlake Football Netball Club with games being played in both towns throughout the season.

2013 was the start of a new era with Hamilton and Hamilton Imperials merging to become Hamilton Kangaroos FNC which was joined the Hampden League by Portland FNCC.

Affiliated Clubs of the Hampden Football Netball League are Camperdown FNC, Cobden FNC, Hamilton Kangaroos FNC, Koroit FNC, North Warrnambool Eagles FNC, Port Fairy FNC, Portland FNCC, South Warrnambool FNC, Terang Mortlake FNC and Warrnambool FNC.

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